Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All The Way to Aurangabad

Our trip began today that is at the date of 29th April .We left Pune at 9:00 clock in the morning and left for Aurangabad on the highway. On or way , we utilised one of hour of our time to see the famous potholes of the river Godh . The river literally has sculpted evenly shaped pothole, in the hard bedrock , it was a wondrous sight to see the beautifully coloured stones as we were walking . The journey had been very much eventful. At the restaurant we ate our food (Hotel SmileStone), we saw pet Emu. The bird is found in Australia, but in India it is sold for free because its excretions are very useful. Their cages were big and they seemed very happy being there

We met some relatives in evening and then went to see “Bibi Ka Makbara” in night. It is also known as Taj of Deccan. We could not click many pictures as it was night and tripods were not allowed

Stopping for lunch at SmileStone

Light and shadows at Bibi Ka Makbara


Apoorva said...

well it was all really gud it seems
wasie how much would be aurangabaad from pune andis there a parti. national park or just wildlife

ang good for emu dat she met our GREAT DHRUVA
how was it??
(Uknnow i got a google account just for u)

Apoorva said...

gud of emu!!!!

lunch ...u din't tell wat u had
and was dat montero?
gud then!

and tum aurngabad abhi pahunche ki it will still take time????