Saturday, February 19, 2011


I beleive in the removal of all boundreis, national, regional, cultural and ideological.
  As I travelled through the prestine landscapes, I could feel the boundreis fading away. Why at many places we couldn't even understand the language the people would speek. I is then that one feels free of the boundreis. Without the booking for the next day, as we leave in an uncertainity of the distance to be travelled or what is to come next, the sheer uncertainity is a sheer pleasure!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pune June-3 and 4

 These are the two last days of this entire road trip…Dadu is highly excited to go there! So am I as I can see my pet cat Mini once again!


On the next morning, we left to see the famous crater lake of Lonar and then to Pune. The lake at lonar was fabulous and awesome the crater is almost 1/2 km in diameter! Almost 200ft in height! Imagine the impact which must have happened when that asteroid must have come and hit the surface of the earth. Even foreign scientists are showing interest in this phenomenon.
After this we reached Pune at almost 5:00 in the afternoon.
The crater lake at Lonar
Daityasudan temple at Lonar


Leaving the Tiger's territory : June-2

We went for one last trip to the Jungle. I was again with Kaka and Mausi. We had exhausted all our luck the previous day in seeing the Leopard and today only Mom, Dad and Dadu spotted things of interest. They saw two tiger cubs of 18 months and a dancing peacock.

We started driving towards Pune after having breakfast and halted at Seoni for night. On the way to Seoni we took a detour to see the marble rocks of Bheda Ghat.

The tiger cub


Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bandhavgarh the land of the tiger!!!!!! May-31 to June-1

We left lucknow and went to Baandhavgarh national park. It took us till night to reach there. We had planned to take two rounds of the jungle in an open jeep. To spot the animals we need to get up at least by 4:00 in the morning. So we went to sleep by 10:00. I was full of excitement and anticipation and I couldn’t sleep a wink! In the morning I went in the jeep with mom and dad. We spotted three tigers in just four hours.

Only someone who has actually seen many jungles can appreciate our great luck! In the evening, I went with Kaka and Mausi. In the first three hours we spotted a stand-off between a tame elephant & a male tiger! Imagine the luck!!! At almost five minutes for the park to close, We heard the alarm calls of a monkey( when any herbivore animal spots a carnivore it sounds the alarm) By the sound of it, our guide could tell that it was a call for a leopard near by and thanks to our luck, we spotted the leopard almost 4ft. close to our jeep! It had a male spotted dear in it’s mouth and it was carrying it between its forelegs.
Apart from big cats, we also a varitey of animals and birds.
Jungle fowl

Spotted deers


A leopard with its kill

Changeable hawk eagle

Lucknow, the place of my birth! May 26-May 30

We left bareily by 10:00 in the morning. We directly went to Lucknow and arrived at home by 5:00 clock. When we were around 50 Km from Lucknow, I expereince the first dust storm of my life. It was very sudden and very furious. We could hardly see anything.

Papa, mother, Dadu and I stayed back in Lucknow for a few days while Kaka & Mausi left for Khajuraho the next day and then to Bandhavgarh. At lucknow, we lazed around and had fun. We also saw the Lucknow zoo & the science museum. While Kaka saw a fight between two tigers and a tigress along with her cubs in the national park

Old Bareily May 25nd

We left the city of Delhi early in the morning. We went directly to the city of bareli in U.P. Nothing interesting happened in this trip except a big traffic jam on a railway crossing. Bareli is an old city with nothing much of tourist attraction. We had dinner in a posh restaurant and then Papa and I went walking to buy some medicines. On the way we saw a stall that said it was the most famous"kulfi" (A type of icecream) in Bareily. Of course we had to try it so that could later compare it with that in Lucknow :)
Back to crowded roads of the plains

Delhi hi once more!!

So we left Swarghat early in the morning and left to the highly crowded city of Delhi. Once again, we stayed at the same D.L.F. Guest house and went to leave Chetan Dada and family over there. Ate at Mcdonald’s and went to sleep.