Friday, June 13, 2008

Bandhavgarh the land of the tiger!!!!!! May-31 to June-1

We left lucknow and went to Baandhavgarh national park. It took us till night to reach there. We had planned to take two rounds of the jungle in an open jeep. To spot the animals we need to get up at least by 4:00 in the morning. So we went to sleep by 10:00. I was full of excitement and anticipation and I couldn’t sleep a wink! In the morning I went in the jeep with mom and dad. We spotted three tigers in just four hours.

Only someone who has actually seen many jungles can appreciate our great luck! In the evening, I went with Kaka and Mausi. In the first three hours we spotted a stand-off between a tame elephant & a male tiger! Imagine the luck!!! At almost five minutes for the park to close, We heard the alarm calls of a monkey( when any herbivore animal spots a carnivore it sounds the alarm) By the sound of it, our guide could tell that it was a call for a leopard near by and thanks to our luck, we spotted the leopard almost 4ft. close to our jeep! It had a male spotted dear in it’s mouth and it was carrying it between its forelegs.
Apart from big cats, we also a varitey of animals and birds.
Jungle fowl

Spotted deers


A leopard with its kill

Changeable hawk eagle


Vasudha said...

Dhruva, you take beautiful pictures .. Well done !! We need to learn some tips from you
-Vasudha & Neelabh

Shash said...

Dhruva: Nice blog.
One correction, the eagle is Changeable Hawk Eagle (CHE) and not Created Serpant Eagle (CSE)