Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pune June-3 and 4

 These are the two last days of this entire road trip…Dadu is highly excited to go there! So am I as I can see my pet cat Mini once again!


On the next morning, we left to see the famous crater lake of Lonar and then to Pune. The lake at lonar was fabulous and awesome the crater is almost 1/2 km in diameter! Almost 200ft in height! Imagine the impact which must have happened when that asteroid must have come and hit the surface of the earth. Even foreign scientists are showing interest in this phenomenon.
After this we reached Pune at almost 5:00 in the afternoon.
The crater lake at Lonar
Daityasudan temple at Lonar



Vasudha said...

There is a crater lake here in US too .. I was spell bound when I saw that one and looking at your picture it seems that this one is as serene and entrancing ..Maybe we can go there again together ... Thanks for sharing all this ..!!

Madhukar said...

Lonar is supposed to be the third largest crater lake formed by impact of an asteroid.