Saturday, May 10, 2008

The deers of Shivpuri

This is one of the posts, which I loved the most, for it comes in my field...

The national park of Shivpuri is known for the variety of the dears found in here. Spotting them in such a dense forest, with their beautifully camouflaged coat is not by any way simple.
Thus, in the photos which I have taken for this post, are genuinely hard-earned. The types of dears we saw in the jungle were the Chinkara(Indian Gazelle) ,Neelgai (Blue Bull),Chittal ( Spotted dear),Sambar
I have included one-one photo of each

A Neelgai and a cleaner bird interacting

A Beutiful Chital

A Sambhar

A Chinkara (photo by Papa)


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