Saturday, May 10, 2008

From Mandu to Ujjain

A drive of around 140 Km took us to the town of Ujjain. This brought up 1000 Km of our trip. We decided to take a halt here for two reasons. The Mahakal temple here is another of the 12 Jyotirlinga and it also breaks the long drive from Mandu to Madhav National Park (Shivpuri) into two days. On the way to Ujjain, we took a lunch halt at Indore. We saw the Kanch Mahal at Indore. It is a Jain temple the insides of which are built totally of different type of mirrors. Even the floor is mirror. There is a lot of intricate work on those mirrors. Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the temple. Today I had my first meal on this trip that was not that enjoyable. But the Lassi on the highway more than made up for this. BTW, Lassi has become a big part of our breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We probably spent more time locating our hotel in Ujjain than we took in driving from Indore to Ujjain. Fortunately the weather here is cooler than it was in Aurangabad. We decided to walk the 4 Km to temple instead of driving. We have been having too much good food (Dhaba for lunch and at our hotels in night) and all of us are worried that we will be at least 80 Kg by the time we return to Pune.

Fossils park at Mandu. It is in real bad shape and is probably a fossil itself

Baobab (not sure of spelling) tree that Alauddin Khilji got from South Africa

This is just a sword which I found pretty beautiful as it gives a feeling of power

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Nice info...I will be visiting Ujjain in January.


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