Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ujjain to Shivpuri National Forest, May-5

We had decided to start really early since the drive today was close to 350 Km. We had planned to start by 6:30 AM and we were more or less on time (7:30 AM) when we left Ujjain. This stretch of NH-3 is just wide enough to allow 2 trucks to pass but fortunately the road surface was good in most part and the traffic was sparse. In fact whole of our drive through MP has been through very sparsely populated area where you will not even see a hut for miles. We reached Shivpuri by 3:00 PM and checked into the resort (Tourist Village). We were the only 2 families in the resort.

We mainly relaxed for rest of the day though .I and Papa went for a walk in evening. I was very excited to see peahens flying high for the first time as two of them flew to rest on a 50 feet high tree.

Start of our long drive to Shivpuri.


Favorite adventure sport for people in MP.

Both the photos have been shot from running car and hence the bad quality .

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