Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gwalior...And Papas old home

We drove to Agra via Gwalior. We spent around 3 hours seeing the Gwalior fort. It is a nice fort with a very interesting palace. This palace was built around 500 years back by Mansingh and had been occupied by various different kingdoms since then.

Since we had such a nice experience with MP Tourism hotels, we decided to stay at UP Tourism hotel in Agra. We checked in to Taj Khema. It is within 500 meters of East gate of Tajmahal and offered a view of Taj that is probably better than what you will see from inside the Taj campus. We were somewhat late so we could not go inside Taj today. We decided to visit the house where papa had stayed for around 4 years till 1976. This is right next to the southern gate of Taj. Though My father did not have the courage to disturb the current occupants of that house but my mother knocked at their door and told them that we had come to see the house. To our surprise, the current occupants of the house really welcomed us and treated us to nice Pethas. They wanted us to stay with them and not in any hotel!!

Mansingh’s palace at Gwalior fort

Sahastrabahu temple at Gwalior fort

Inside the temple

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