Friday, May 9, 2008

Omm Namah Shivay

ऊँ नामेह शिवाय

May-2 (Day 4)
Omkareshwar temple is on a huge island in Narmada river. The island is many Kilometers in perimeter and had a fairly big hill on it. We took a boat ride around the island. The highlight of the ride was that the route goes through several rapids (not very rough though) and it was an interesting experience to go through the rapids in a boat as against a raft. The boat had to be pushed up a couple of rapids on the return leg.

Drove from Omkareshwar to hill fort of Mandu (also known as Mandav) in the evening. The road till Maheshwar was really bad. The original road was closed for around 40 Km stretch and we had to ride on the sides that was being leveled for road widening.

Maheshwar has beautiful ghats (the riverside variety and not the hill road) built at the time of Ahilyabai Holkar. The temple is also very beautiful with carvings that are still fully intact after so many years. The locals there showed us the place where some scenes for film Ashoka were shot.

The ghat (this time the hill road) from Dhamnod were broken, narrow and full of heavy trucks. In all it made for interesting driving experience. On an impulse, my father gave lift to someone who looked like a farmer and he gave us interesting information about the place as drove. The MP Tourism resort (Malwa Retreat) at Mandu made up for all the bad roads.

On the way to Omkareshwar
Divers at Maheshwar

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Nice pictures...I will be visiting Omkareshwar in January.