Saturday, May 10, 2008

Into the Capital(Delhi) 10th May

Hi Guys, this is the second day in Delhi. I couldn’t write this post yesterday, because of an extremely long and tiring trip all the way from Shivpuri to Delhi. Even in Delhi, the hotel which we had booked came out to be very rugged & and in a very narrow and crowded gully….

Thanks to Gauri tai’s (Chetan Dada’s wife’s)sister, we were able to obtain a room in a DLF guesthouse.

There was not much happenings in these two days. All did, was visiting a giant of a mall. In this mall, I bought a pair of shades. In this mall, I did a very peculiar form of Bunji-Jumping .In this one, two ropes were tied to me and I was supposed to jump on a trampoline. As I did so, the ropes attached to me start getting small and smaller. Thus resulting me to jump higher and higher each time. I believe I had reached almost 25-30ft!!! well tomorrow we shall progress to the magnificent(and hot ) city of Chandigarh…just checkout my

So no photos from me untill 3:00 in 11th of May.

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pallavi said...

Hey Dhruva,
Have been following your blog (though a little not too closely coz of exams). You guys seem to be having sooooo much fun that I'm jealous as I'm pretty much stuck in the hostel room :(
Still,amazing description,specially the MP road stretches with no hut for Kms is fascinating!!!