Friday, June 13, 2008

Manali and The gigantic dam of Bhakkra!!! May 21st – May 23rd

May-21 : Right this is second day in Solang nala. It is around 18 Km from Manali and really beautiful with a beautiful river and forest.
I thought that this would be a quiet day. But, accidentally we saw a board mentioning zorbing in the meadows near the river. I knew about this sport of zorbing. It originated in New- Zealand. In it, we are enclosed in air filled ball, and let down rolling down the hill. I and Dadu went inside one & rolled down. A fabulous experience, believe me! In it for one second I would see Debu upward and at the next moment below me! At the end, I had landed upside on the side of the zorb, which was facing the ground!
We also went for skiing but there was a huge traffic jam leading up to Rohtang and we tried it on a patch of rough snow.I didn’t enjoy it.At the evening, we went and had trout fish at a restaurant called the Johnson’s restaurant and bar. Had a wonderful game of Foosball and I ate some veg pasta.

Beas river

View of Friendship peak from our hotel

A cute house in the middle of nowhere

Mom and Dad gobbling Trout

May 22-23 : From Manali we went to Swarghat. A highly uninteresting journey, we finally reached the place. There after few hours of resting, we left to see the nainadevi temple and the famous Bhakkra dam. At the temple, we boarded a ropeway to go to the top of the mountain, where the temple is placed. I enjoyed it a lot! I was feeling a bit sad for Siddhu because he and Chetan Dada had stayed at the hotel to watch TV. Then we went to see the grand Bhakkra dam. A wonderous experience really. As you know this dam is simply gigantic!!!

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