Monday, June 9, 2008

Tabo, Dhankar & Kaza may 18th

So the next day had arrived and we were planning to do another ambitious trip to Kaza, wich is 140 km away from Nako. On our way, we saw the Monasteries of Tabo And Dhankar . In the way to Tabo, we got stuck in a landslide. Thanks to the three army Jawans and contribution by us, we could clear a way through the landslide.

Tabo – This is a monastery, which is built of mud. As photography is not allowed inside, we couldn’t take any pictures of the interior. The sculptures and paintings inside are more than1000 years old and still, they look as beautiful and majestic as ever. The color still looks so fresh that you can almost smell it. Crisp and majestic is all that can be said about it.
Dhankar: - This is another ancient monastery. The interesting thing about this is its magnificent height & brilliant placement on a narrow mountain cliff. There underneath it, the two gigantic rivers of Pin& Spiti embrace each other. A program was going to commence in the monastery just after two days and the preparations were in full swing.

Sunrise at Nako

the cute little village of Nako

Dhankar Monastry

A Pashmina goat

Compare the size of anthill like structures on the way to Kaza with our car


elaines said...

beautiful place..izzit in india?

Madhukar said...

It is indeed in India. Near India-Tibet border

doc said...

hi, sonu here, looks like a very lovely trip, i m getting desperate here...