Monday, June 9, 2008

Big plans can fail, May 17th

We were planning to travel directly to Tabo, which is almost 200 km away from Raksham. Naturally, it is a very ambitious plan when you are driving in Himalayas. We took a lot of time for food and driving as the roads were very curvy. Thus, our plan to go all the way to Tabo failed. So in order to spend the night somewhere, we halted at a local Inn in Nako. Nako is three fourth the distance to Tabo. The small but well known lake of Nako, is just in front of the Inn, Siddhu was afraid of lake monster who he believed to be living in the lake. I & papa enjoyed a walk around the lake, engrossed in appreciating the high literacy rate and the brilliant irrigation system in the state . At the night, as everyone was waiting for food, Dadu first went for a long walk alone. When he came back and described his experience I, Mom & Papa also went for the walk. The moon was shinning brighter than ever lighting the road like floodlights. We met some local women, who coming from a long distance after attending funeral in the adjacent village. Still, they were as jolly as ever. One of them, told us that there was a ghost ahead and then laughed ringingly, clearly indicating that she was joking. They even asked us to take them to Bombay.
Kinner Kailash from Kalpa

The bridge across the Spiti and Satlaj Confluene
HPTDC hotel across Nako lake
just staring the glistening waters of a mountain spring at Nako

The sunset


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Hi Dhruva,

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