Sunday, June 8, 2008

In the toy train…,May13

We left the hotel and the dog at around 7:20 in the morning.
Everybody was feeling cranky at least I was crankyJ! We went to the Barog station. Where I, Dadu, Chetan Dada, Gauri Tai and Chota Chetan (Siddhu) were supposed to board a beautiful narrow gage train. We had purchased tickets to go to Shimla. On the other hand all the other guys were going to drive. While we were waiting for this ‘toy train’, we enjoyed eating tasty and crisp cutlets in a restaurant at the station. When we finished eating in the restaurant, we came down to wait at the station. There we met a dog. I made great friendship with it.
The trip in the train was awesome and breathtaking I clicked almost 130 pictures in all! We reached Shimla at about 3;00 in the afternoon. I was expecting Shimla to be very peaceful and without many people. But I was completely wrong! It is highly crowded.
There at mall road, we did some shopping & eating . I bought a little balloon which used to create a loud noise and go round & round when its mouth is opened. We ate at a restaurant called Honeyhut, they offered us the one of the finest veg frankis. Then we drove to a place called Narkanda. We lived in an M.T.D.C. hotel called the Hatu Resort. A fabulous place really. This was the first time, we the settled for the best rooms of all.
toy train at Barog station

View from our HPTDC resort at Barog

View of our toy train engine from my bogie

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Vasudha said...

I too loved this train journey .. the 3 minute ride through the longest tunnel was the best part for me .. Love ur pictures ...