Sunday, June 8, 2008

Into the hills of Spiti & Baspa, May 15th

We lest the hotel early as the drive was going be very long. All of the guys except me & Papa went to eat in a Buddhist Chinese restaurant to eat Thukpa (a bland preparation of soupy noodles).
I and Papa had gone to see Monal in a local but big bird house. Unfortunately, the place was closed as it was breeding season.
On our way to Mustrang in the Baspa Valley, we met a Sadhu who worshipped Ma Durga. He was originally from Chiplun in Maharashtra. He suggested that we stay in a local tent resort. We went to the place and were astonished to see the mighty mountains so close to our tents. We ate some Pakoda as soon we reached there. We lit a campfire and had a lot of fun around it including playing Mafia. Finally we reluctantly went to sleep.
Temple of Ma Durga on the way to Baspa valley

Inside the Sarhan village
our camp at Mastrang
Around the campfire

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