Sunday, June 8, 2008

Into Himachal…., May12

You can understand the problem this time of not being able to publish the blog since there is no connection of internet in these mountainous regions!

So let’s continue with the journey… for breakfast, we went to sector 17 of Chandigarh which has got the most number of restaurants and hotels in the entire city… One shopkeeper recommended us to eat in a place called Sai Sweets. We ate some Chlola Bhatura and Samosas. Ooh! Just the thought makes my mouth water. Right, I just remembered about a place called Hari Ka Dhaba where we had our lunch while driving from Delhi to Chandigarh. The Dhaba is in Murathal right after Sonepat. The waiters served us with a fabulous and tasty Parathas and really yummy Lassi and Kheer. Mixed, onion filled, paneer filled, and garlic filled… If by any chance, you are traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh, it is a must to have your lunch in this place !
Ok so now let’s go further from Delhi towards Shimla, that’s right , into Himachhal Pradesh . So we took a leftturn and within 25km of Kalka, very narrow and turning road, we reached Kasauli. This place had a fabulous view but, due to repair works, the place had no rooms for great travelers like us J
So, we went ahead to live in an H.P.T.D.C. resort in Barog. The resort is known as The Pinewood Resort. Barog is a fabulous and gorgeous place to live in. At the lawns of the resort, there was a small cute little puppy. Black in colour, had its little tummy was stuffed with food, a lot of fur and a very happy and jolly nature. I, Papa, Debu & Siddhu spent a lot of time playing with this cute little puppy.
visit to monkey hill at Kasauli


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Vasudha said...

Hi Dhruv, I agree with you about the Murthal's paranthas.. I have always had lunch there and this time I did take your Bhaiya, Neelabh there for lunch as well on our way to Delhi from Patiala ..

Your pictures and description of everything is awesome .. Keep up the good work !!