Sunday, June 8, 2008

The roar of Baspa…May16th

Our second day at the beautiful tent resort. So the snow on the hills was as fresh as ever & the river was roaring at her loudest. Papa and the others except the Chetan dada family and me are going to Chitkul. So I and Siddhu were getting bored so we & Gauri tai decided to go and have a look at the river Baspa. The river’s very close to the resort, so it was jolly trip down to the river. The rapids in the river were very fast fast and turbulent. I knew this, but I had never , not even imagined that these rapids would be so deadly. I and Siddhu enjoyed throwing pinecones in the rapids and see them float down the river.
When I, Dadu and papa went to do the same, we threw a huge log and enjoyed watching it in the rapids.
The night was same with the campfire and a lot of tasty food J
Parking lot of Mastrang camp

Siddhu and me
just one of the many mountain veiws from the camp
Sun rise at our wonderous camp

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i m already missing the himalayas so much...